Since day one Saint Vitus’ mission has been the same; provide a fun and uncompromising environment for the NYC underground music scene to hang out and create. Armed with this idea, long time musician/bartenders George Souleidis and Arty Shepherd decided to transform an old plumbing school in the depths of Greenpoint, Brooklyn into a sleek, dark, club called Saint Vitus. Truth be told, a lot of people thought they were nuts.

One person who believed in this wild idea was Arty’s bandmate David Castillo, who was given free rein to book the stage in the bar’s back room. Saint Vitus opened in 2011 with an ambitious slate of shows ranging from Metal, Punk, and Hardcore to Goth, Post Punk, and Industrial. Soon word started to spread about a metal bar in Greenpoint that was hosting up and coming bands like Deafheaven, Pallbearer, Mutoid Man, Negative Plane, Nothing, Incendiary, Chelsea Wolfe, Sannhet, and Krallice. 
Slowly bigger and bigger press outlets and bigger and bigger bands took notice of Saint Vitus’ unique show environment and curation. Nine years later, Saint Vitus has hosted some of the most prestigious bands in the world including Nirvana, The Descendants, Neurosis, Megadeth, Anthrax, Carcass, Killing Joke, Refused, Babes in Toyland, Sick of it All and many more.

Beyond live shows, Saint Vitus also grew into a place where New Yorkers could take in art exhibits, dance at late night synth parties, film successful youtube series, watch a film screening, laugh at a comedy show, and even do heavy metal yoga.

Today Saint Vitus has become an iconic underground music brand that encompasses live events, merchandise and content far surpassing the wildest dreams of its founders. 2020 hasn’t been kind to music but Saint Vitus has endured due to the phenomenal support of it’s community and an unwavering commitment to the spirit that created it.