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Kannon 1 12:50
Kannon 2 9:10
Kannon 3 11:26

Attila Csihar – Vocals
Stephen O’Malley – Guitar
Greg Anderson – Guitar, Bass Guitar

Oren Ambarchi – Guitar, Oscillator (K1,K2)
Randall Dunn – Korg MS 20 (K1, K2)
Rex Ritter – Moog (K2)
Brad Mowen – Concert Bass Drum (K2)
Steve Moore – Juno 106 (K2)
Conch trio : Dempster, Priester, Moore

Recorded at studio Litho, Avast! and Aleph, Seattle by Randall Dunn
Mixed at Avast! by Randall Dunn
Assistant recording engineer (Litho) : Mell Dettmer
Mastered by Jason Ward at CMS

Kannon 1, 2, 3 written & arranged by SUNN O)))
Lyrics by Attila Csihar
Produced by SUNN O))) with Randall Dunn

SUNN O))) art direction : Stephen O’Malley
Cover and typographic design by Angela Lafont Bolliger
Text by Aliza Shvarts

Band portraits by Estelle Hanania / Detail from mural Vita at the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum, Oslo © Emanuel Vigeland Museum / ARS 2015

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